Kanha By Reef Kanha By Reef Watermelon Soft Chews 1X5 G Sativa


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Kanha is California’s number-one manufacturer of premium chews. Reef Organic has teamed up with their formulation team to provide the high-quality cannabis oil required to make this consistent, reliable and delicious product. Every chew is its own adventure in flavour, leading the consumer on a journey full of curiosity. Kanha chews powered by Reef Organic are made with all natural ingredients, colouring and flavouring. Each chew is certified organic. Our watermelon chews are satisfyingly sweet and made with sativa terpenes. Reef Organic’s cannabis is grown organically in living soil in small indoor batches, free of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It is dried and cured in small batches for perfect moisture levels, high consistency and potency. All cannabis is sensory tested and inspected before release.



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