Poolboy Raspberry Cough 10 X 0.4G Pre-Rolls Hybrid


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This Poolboy is here to bring you the happiest day of your life! Get ready to get stuff done with this Raspberry Cough. When ICE and Cambodian Landrace were cross-bred by growers at Nirvana Seeds, they created a sativa-dominant hybrid that was ready to take on the job. Poolboy Raspberry Cough is a tasty little dude, with a touch of spice to his flavour profile and leaving a nice raspberry aftertaste. The sweet berry also comes out with his scent accompanied by an earthy nuttiness. He can be known to make you cough (hence the last name) but that’s hardly a downfall. Easy to grow, flourishing both inside and out, with a pungent odour and a favourable yield, Raspberry Cough can get up to 10 feet tall during its flowering cycle of 9 to 11 weeks. A sweet, complex bud everyone wants to be friends with, you’re gonna want this little pre-roll ready for anything life may throw your way!



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