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The rugged 1g Hycycle Sativa cartridge presents a lively sativa experience. The addition of real cannabis terpenes delivers a zesty flavour and aroma compared to other vapes, without the harsh burn associated with inhaling burning cannabis flower. A citrus-herb flavour with highlights of ‘you got this’, ‘study hall’ and a rainbow-pop finish of ‘that was pretty good’. Hycycle Sativa pairs well with art, literature, debate, music and dance. Limonene is the dominant terpene, followed by alpha-pinene, linalool, citral and myrcene, plus a few other choice terpenes to fill in the terp tapestry that heralds this elegant hero of the hemp. Hycycle cartridges are quality CCELL and boast shatter-proof tanks, impact-resistant mouthpieces and ceramic cores. Compatible with 510 thread devices. Device not included.



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